If the bank is closed, can you still deposit money?

My mom need to deposit money into the bank and the bank closes tomorrow and after 6 usually. Can she still deposit outside?
Answer:    A lot of banks have Night Deposit Boxes.
yes...thru the atm.
Yes, if they have a night deposit drop box.
Sure, either in the ATM or the night deposit box. I do it all the time. Items dropped in the night deposit box usually are credited first thing the next banking day. ATM deposits may not be credited for a day or two after the deposit date.
I work at a bank, and if you deposit money in the night drop or something it will be deposited on the next business day.
Yes you can but check for a sign that tells you how long the money will take to clear. It usually takes a day or two longer than if you go in the bank and hand it to a teller.
Try depositing your cash into my bedroom window. It should work.
only if they have a night deposit, my bank does n't
Yes...at the banks ATM as long as shes got a debit card.
You can deposit money through a cash-accepting ATM. If that is not possible, call the bank and ask what are the other options. Some banks use third-party automatic clearance systems for cash deposits
Yes, she can make it at just most atms.She'll need her bank card to access her account. Just as you can deduct money from an atm, you can make a deposit. Check for deposit envelopes outside the atm. Go from there. I hope this helps.
if it is cash, use the other answers - if it can be done electronically, I would recommend doing that as it can be done anytime and is readily available almost immediately
Yes. She should see if they have a night depository box the transaction will usually be posted first thing in the morning. With an ATM some banks ATMS do not accept deposits and the ones that do may be balanced by an outside source even if the bank balances its own atm's the transaction may take more than 1 day to appear in the account. Also if she deposits in an ATM where she does not have an account there may be a fee from both her bank and the bank where she does this transaction.
yes deposit it through atm machine.