Anyone got $10,000.00 I can borrow?

My credit reeks, but I am trying to consolidate my debts & have just one payment. If you can SERIOUSLY help, let me know.
Answer:    One way I have done this is go to college and get financial aid/ student loans.
Of course you will take on new debt, but you can quickly pay lots of things. The terms of their loans are better than anyone elses.I go dumpster dive around college towns and they throw away alot of things. Do this, and then have a large garage sale sell things for a dollar, this attracts alot of people my aunt did this last weekend and made 800 dollars! If you have old clothes do a co-signment or sell them off. Pawn some stuff.
No offense, but you can't get your sh*t together, you think anyone here wants to lose their money too?

But if anyone says yes, can I have their name, too?
srry i dont have dollar to my name
Your asking people on Yahoo Answers to give a complete stranger 10 grand?
Are you on drugs? Get real.
Buy a lottery ticket.
No, but if you find someone let me know, cuz otherwise we are going to have to file bankruptcy!
no offense, but yahoo answers isnt what most would consider to be a proper financial venue. good luck with that though.
u aint gonna get nobody on here to help ur *...get a job and if u already have one u gotta get anotha one....yea i'll give u $10,000....MY *!!
Sure, let me get my you have change for $100,000 bill?
Excuse me? Ask your friends or collegues, or go persue a career instead of asking strangers for money. It will make you feel better and more secure as well!
1. You admit you have bad credit
2. You admit you have $10,000 that you owe in debts
3. You are asking for money from complete strangers of which you only know their picture from their avatar or screenname.

Who would be dumb enough to give you $10,000?? I would give my dog the money first to bury in the backyard or take a dump on. Thanks for the 2 points though.