Explain how your relationship with the imate will assist and contribute toward his rehabilitation ?

If you were asked that question on a form how would you answer ?
Answer:    I would answer ..."What is an imate, is that anythink like an ipod?"
The politically correct answer would be: "I will show an inmate that there are consequences for breaking the rules, but I will also show inmates that the system is fair and that their basic human rights will still be respected, no matter who they are or what crime they have committed." In reality, no relationship with an inmate will assist and contribute to his rehabilitation because it has been proven over and over again that rehabilitation doesn't work. You want to keep criminals from being repeat offenders? Punish them instead of coddling them. Make their time in prison as unpleasant as possible, and they won't want to go back.
Do you work for a prison, or are you a Parole Officer? If you work in a prison, it is prohibited to have any type of relationship with an inmate. It says in the employee handbook for one of the prisons in my state that-Fraternization with any inmate by any employee is strictly prohibited unless it is in the well being for safety or informative purposes. Engaging in any type of fraternization process or conducting any contact to establish a relationship may result in relocation of employee or termination of employment. Of course you need to talk to them when you have to and tell them what to do but, that's it. That's not a quote but it's pretty close. If you are a Parole Officer, you should be able to answer that question. I can't because I don't know exactly what a Parole Officer has to do.

I would get the criminal to realize he is just a waste of space & convince him/her to commit suicide!