Where can i cash a personal check on a sunday night?

Answer:    Probably coz the banks are mostly closed on Sundays.
Some Wal-Marts will cash personal checks up to a certain amount.
some of the supermarkets will let you write a check for an amount greater than your bill.
Probably at a liquor store. Or, at *thinks* I believe, Safeway. . they will cash checks for you, but I think they charge you $5.00
Write a check to a friend with some cash.
I just noticed your nickname - are you in the 510 area code? If so, you can go to that check cashing place on High St. & International Blvd. in Oakland (I forgot the name of it - might be ACE Check Cashing).

Otherwise, you could try a liquor store. Or wait until Monday morning.

Is it your own personal check or a two-party check?