Do checks clear or bounce during the day, it seems that they always post at midnight, please read on.?

It also seems that if you have the funds in your account by midnight the check will clear. So banks don't clear checks manually by having a bank person look at the funds in your account during the day and reject your check or clear your check? And instead they give your account until midnight to have the funds available?
Answer:    It can depend on the state you live in. Some states post items in order of when they were made, but most states post deposits first. The cut-off time for deposits will vary but the time is at the teller or on the ATM. Banks can post items differently as well, some post largest to smallest amount.
Posting occurs usually from midnight til about 8 am the following business day. Overdrawn checks or debits are determined wether they will be paid the next business day, usually in the morning and OD or NSF fees start showing up that afternoon until the following business morning. This is almost always an automated process. Point of Sale(POS) and checkcard transactions can go through even if the account is negative and they are not returned because of overdrawn accounts.
Keep at least $200 or $300 in your checking accounts at all times! It is also important to have at least $400 or $500 in a savings account with OD protection if available, but do not use it. Having a checking account with another bank is a good backup.
Check your account at least 2 or 3 times a week and always keep your register updated. There will be errors on your account report them quickly.
Follow this advice and you may never have another OD or NSF fee. Can you afford not to?
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you can't "float" a check anymore.((you can write a check a few days before you have funds and expect that check to clear)when you do). a law called check 21 stopped that about a year ago. now if you write a check, most places will scan it an see if you have the $$ in your account to cover it. if not your bank can hold it and run it through multiple times to see if it will clear. you used to be able to write a check and be assured that it wouldn't be processed for at least 4 days..not anymore. the rule now is if you don't have the $$ don't write the check
Yep, a lot of places including Walmart now scan your check right at the register and it's electronicly deducted right then.

What used to take 2 days to a week now is done within hours if not minutes or seconds.

Keep an extra cushion of a hundred dollars or so in your account, or put that bill or purchase off a few days.
It is totally up to the bank, and you certainly can't count anything, and should make sure you get the money in first.

But with that said what you are probably looking at is just the fact that most banks run programs just after midnight to balance their accounts, and post things and such to where you can see it on the web, this isn't to say that they don't know instantly if you bounce a check, but some of them might give you some lead way if the money shows up that day, but I certainly wouldn't count on it.

One thing that is true is that whenever they process transactions they process the deposits before the withdraws, so there isn't any problem for instance with setting up a transfer of money into an account and also having a bill pay on the same day for the same amount.
actually they can bounce at any time.some banks give it a second chance to see if the funds are there and updated at midnight, but it's all done electronically. I am old enough to have known when it was done by a person, you had some time back then not today.

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